Let’s get it started in here….

So a brief introduction on why I’m here. I’m a baseball fan, and every baseball fan needs to air their grievances, right? Or at least tell fun stories of the sport they love.

I’ve been watching baseball since the early 80’s, thanks to the Chicago Cubs, and all their day games they would play. I would get home from school, and my grandfather would have the games on in the living room. Now we only had one TV in the house, so choices of things to watch were take it or leave. Baseball was much more exciting to watch than Quincy M.E. or Lou Grant, so I chose baseball.

Lots of Cubs baseball, baseball cards, conversion to a Red Sox fan after the Cubs let Greg Maddux go to the Braves, instant baseball updates via the internet, fantasy baseball, social media, MLB package and MLB Network. Baseball is everywhere, and why not be part of it.

So while my main goal is here is baseball, I will include wrestling and football as well. My viewing of these three are like seasons of the year, baseball > football > wrestling. Opening Day to World Series, which leads into football up until the Super Bowl, and than Wrestlemania season, which leads back to Opening Day. And than anything else in between.

This also allows me to use this as my own diary of fun things I’ve done, cool stadiums I’ve been too, and whatever else deserves a mention.

There is also a Twitter account for this blog @bringrofchurros, for things that only need a quick and short mention, or for interactions and updates from sources, like the MLB Trade Deadline.

So here we go….






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