Me and Taker down by the schoolyard

So it is official. Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33.



When this obvious match was announced, it didn’t even spark any type of enthusiasm for me. Maybe if Taker was 10 years younger, there would be a spark of interest. But I got nothing. I don’t care to see this match and it’s not a selling point to want give it my undivided attention.

But for some reason, as I sat at work today, this wrestling match just kept spinning around in my head. I want my own outcome for this match. I want a good finish. So reaching back into my younger comic book reading days, resorted to the age old question, What If?

The “What If” comics were cool alternative Marvel stories that changed the original story lines you were used too, and gave you a different outcome on the heroes and villains you liked. Stories like What If the X-Men died on their first mission? Or What If Wolverine had killed the Incredible Hulk?

Now that gets me to thinking, what if I was able to submit my outcome for the Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns match? I got so caught up in the idea, I have two What If outcomes. You may hate them, but hear me out.

  1. What if we’re having a decent match between the Undertaker and Roman Reigns, both bump each other, and they’re both down on the mat. Music hits, and it’s Braun Strowman coming down to the ring. He gets into the ring, squashes both of them, and proclaims that THIS is HIS yard, and continues his attack. When all said and done, drops a knocked out Taker onto a knocked out Reigns, giving Taker the win. This also keeps the feud going after Wrestlemania between Strowman and Reigns.
  1. Again, what if, decent match, everybody gets bumped, Strowman comes down to the ring, beats on Roman Reigns, as a dazed and confused Undertaker looks on. Strowman beats down Reigns enough where he’s not coming back from a Tombstone Piledriver, and Taker gets the win. Then, as Taker and Strowman are in the ring, Taker passes on the trench coat and hat to Strowman, and passes the torch to make Strowman the next Undertaker for WWE, while Mean Mark Callous retires and gives Strowman his blessing to live on the Deadman legacy. Bonus points to the WWE if they can get a vignette of Paul Bearer nodding his head on the video screen, also giving his approval. Than Strowman goes out and has his own Decade of Destruction.

Do not worry, I’m not giving up my day job, and I will definitely leave the outcomes to the professionals. But the young talent is taking over, and our heroes from the past are riding off into the sunset. They defiantly need better ways to go out than retirement matches.

So as you just got done reading this, how would you finish this match?


Let’s get it started in here….

So a brief introduction on why I’m here. I’m a baseball fan, and every baseball fan needs to air their grievances, right? Or at least tell fun stories of the sport they love.

I’ve been watching baseball since the early 80’s, thanks to the Chicago Cubs, and all their day games they would play. I would get home from school, and my grandfather would have the games on in the living room. Now we only had one TV in the house, so choices of things to watch were take it or leave. Baseball was much more exciting to watch than Quincy M.E. or Lou Grant, so I chose baseball.

Lots of Cubs baseball, baseball cards, conversion to a Red Sox fan after the Cubs let Greg Maddux go to the Braves, instant baseball updates via the internet, fantasy baseball, social media, MLB package and MLB Network. Baseball is everywhere, and why not be part of it.

So while my main goal is here is baseball, I will include wrestling and football as well. My viewing of these three are like seasons of the year, baseball > football > wrestling. Opening Day to World Series, which leads into football up until the Super Bowl, and than Wrestlemania season, which leads back to Opening Day. And than anything else in between.

This also allows me to use this as my own diary of fun things I’ve done, cool stadiums I’ve been too, and whatever else deserves a mention.

There is also a Twitter account for this blog @bringrofchurros, for things that only need a quick and short mention, or for interactions and updates from sources, like the MLB Trade Deadline.

So here we go….